Dragon Ball has uncovered an abhorrent new form for Vegeta with the newest episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes! The special anime series for the card arcade game in Japan is currently amidst its subsequent full season, and with this new season it has started off a brand new arc where Goku and Vegeta end up in a pristine universe made through Fu’s evil forces.

The last scene of the series considered Vegeta to be an unpleasant quandary as he was looking down a fight with Turles as well as the Evil Saiyan Cumber. The most recent episode of the series uncovered that these two Saiyans were both being helped by the forces of the Evil Ki, and needing Vegeta to get back to his more forceful and underhanded roots as a Saiyan champion, Turles shoots Vegeta with this insidious ki.

Yet rather than change him into an Evil Saiyan like them, Vegeta channels this Evil Ki into another variant of his Super Saiyan Blue change. Look at it with this clasp shared by @DbsHype on Twitter: Throughout the scene, Turles contends that a Saiyan is underhanded at their center, and with the utilization of this ki, he needed Vegeta to concede something very similar. It’s a very different case for Vegeta, be that as it may, as he understands when he’s hit by the detestable ki.

Considering this, Vegeta twists the Evil Ki into another sort of change. This gives him a dark atmosphere under his recognizable Super Saiyan Blue emanation, and now denotes the second sort of variety to the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan change exceptional to Vegeta.