Sui Ishida completed work on Tokyo Ghoul well longer than a year prior, and fans have been trusting that the artist will give an update on his next project from that point forward. Obviously, the creator enjoyed a very much required reprieve in the wake of completing his hit series, yet Ishida couldn’t be held down for long.

All things considered, Ishida just dispatched his new manga, and the otherworldly series is allowed to peruse at this moment! For the individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea, Ishida overwhelmed fans today when he hit up Twitter with a post. It was there the Tokyo Ghoul maker enlightened fans regarding Choujin X, his new series.

It turns out Ishida has been dealing with the story unobtrusively for quite a while, and it will be published at whatever point he has the opportunity to draft parts. Presently, fans have been revealed to Choujin X is being distributed by Tonari no Young Jump as it has intrinsic admittance to Manga Plus, an online library for English manga under Shueisha’s influence.