MAPPA has helped produce a shockingly high number of famous anime, with at any rate one of them being very talked-about by fans each year. In spite of just being 10 years old, the MAPPA studio has figured out how to make a notable name for itself in the world of anime.

This is particularly valid for 2021, seeing how the year’s two most popular anime–Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan: The Final Season–both come from MAPPA. Maruyama Animation Produce Project Association–also called MAPPA by Japanese fans–has helped produce a shockingly high number of popular anime, within any event one of them being profoundly examined by fans each year.

Yuri!!! On Ice:

Yuuri Katsuki’s flailing skating pursuit gets a lift when the young and running world skating champion, Victor Nikiforov, takes an abrupt interest in him, offering to tutor him till he turns into a public-level competitor. Nonetheless, Yuuri’s satisfaction is brief—Victor’s ex-understudy Yuri Plisetsky appears at Yuuri’s old neighborhood, requesting that Victor get back to Russia and resume his skating preparation.

Banana Fish:

17-year-old Ash Lynx is the head of his own little group of criminals, who explores the words “Banana Fish” however consistently winds up with an impasse. The appearance of young photographic artist Eiji Okumura concurs with an assault by Dino’s men, because of which Ash is compelled to take the honest Eiji with him, fleeing from peril. Presently, in addition to the fact that Ash has to secure himself, however the existence of young Eiji, while likewise attempting to sort out what his sibling mean when he said “Banana Fish.”

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Hyakkimaru’s terrible past brought about his body parts being forfeited to satisfy his dad’s desires. Deserted, the child is then raised by a thoughtful specialist. As a kid, Hyakkimaru should now execute every one of the 12 devils liable for his destiny to recapture all that he had lost to them. Notwithstanding, it is the presence of a kid named Dororo that really assists him with understanding what being “human” genuinely implies.


Ichirou Inuyashiki’s life is pretty much every day, till one day he blacks out and awakens, just to understand that he’s currently 100% machine. Nonetheless, he’s strangely had the option to hold the outward appearance of his 58-year-old self. Dazed yet fascinated, he chooses to assist individuals with his freshly discovered forces. He figures out how to shroud his actual character well from everyone also, except he can’t resist the urge to be messed with one inquiry – why him?

Terror In Resonance:

Nine and Twelve are two mysterious teen young men who structure the public persona known as The Spinx. They bomb an atomic office, leaving just the word VON behind. Investigator Kenjirou Shibazaki becomes involved with the public authority’s work to quell these psychological oppressors, and it appears as though he’s the one in particular who has sufficient information and experience to get them. Nonetheless, there’s one inquiry at the rear of his brain—what might compel two children to take such drastic actions?

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Student from another school Yumeko Jabami is keen on the flourishing underground betting nook at the Hyakkaou Private Academy, where a lot is on the line however the embarrassment is higher. Dissimilar to different players who play for cash and pride, Yumeko is just keen on playing as wildly as she. This is on the grounds that the rush she feels when she plays high-stakes games is the only thing that is in any way important.


The Hole is where lawbreakers go crazy, and to exacerbate the situation, magic users do however they see fit, almost no outcomes. In this world exists Kaiman, an animal who is fortunately invulnerable to sorcery however is rather spooky by dreams he has no recollections of. Alongside his trusty companion Nikaidou, Kaiman takes off to discover the reality behind the appalling dreams he continually dreams of.

Attack on Titan Final Season:

After learning reality with regards to Eldia and Marley in Eren’s basement, Levi and his warriors choose to invade Marley. In this season, watchers observer interestingly how individuals live on the enemy’s side. After Eren uncovered his essence in Marley and murders her kin, youthful Gabi swears revenge on him, while Zeke is appeared to have plans of his own, making him dishonest to both Eldians and Marleyans.

Jujutsu Kaisen:

Yuuji Itadori is an ordinary high schooler whose life changes after the passing of his granddad. A destined experience with the jujutsu magician Megumi Fushiguro brings about Yuuji eating a reviled object, because of which his body turns into the vessel for a powerful reviled soul. Pro jujutsu alchemist Satoru Gojo offers not to murder Yuuji in return for him turning into a magician also, to which Yuuji concurs, having no clue the ton of hurt that choice of his will bring to him.

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