Shin Ultraman Film
Photo Credit: Studio Khara, Toho Pictures

Studio Khara reported on Thursday that it is creating a Shin Ultraman (New Ultraman) film for discharge in 2021. Shin Godzilla executive Shinji Higuchi and his Higuchi-Gumi group are helming the venture, and Evangelion maker Hideaki Anno is accountable for arranging and contents.

Taking to the Internet, Toho Co. furthermore, Studio Khara affirmed another Ultraman film is being created by executive Shinji Higuchi and essayist Hideaki Anno.

“A New Film Production Of “SHIN ULTRAMAN” Was Publicly Announced Today The New Movie Will Come To Theaters In 2021. Hideaki Anno Will Join A Film Team, Higuchi- First draft script has been completed in February 5th, 2019. Anno will fully join the project after finishing his “EVANGELION: 3.0 + 1.0” film.”

Hideki Anno is best known for his work with Neon Genesis Evangelion. The arrangement was enlivened on TV by the artist, and he will bring the story Shin Ultraman.

Up until now, there are no insights concerning what this film will see Ultraman do, yet the venture is one of a few to restore the saint starting late. As of late, Netflix appeared a unique anime arrangement which envisioned the famous character in 3DCG. The arrangement was a hit with crowds, and Netflix as of late affirmed a subsequent season is presently in progress.