Snoop Dogg Joins Dragon Ball with Hilarious General Tao Post
Photo Credit: Toei Animation

Dragon Ball has an entire program of notorious contenders added to its repertoire, and the establishment continues including indents. Throughout the years, fans have discovered a lot of characters to pick as their top choice, and the vast majority of them have been transformed into images eventually.

Fans let out a decent snicker when Snoop Dogg hit up internet based life to share a post. The rapper posted an image including a cartoon variant of himself as the unparalleled “General Tao” from Dragon Ball.

Presently, it appears Snoop Dogg is sharing his top pick, and the uncover has got This show on the road Ball fans giggling genuine great.

Obviously, Dragon Ball fans are thinking about whether Snoop Dogg is an enthusiast of the establishment, and it appears the rapper is aware of the anime. Previously, the craftsman did a Reddit AMA under the name Snoop Lion where he disclosed to one fan “Gogeta is a g.