slam dunk movie

On the off chance that you are a fanatic of such an anime, there is a decent possibility you have known about Slam Dunk. The series is perhaps the most well-known game’s manga to actually come from Japan, yet its story about growing uprose above its type.

Sure thing has proceeded to turn into an exemplary with fans regardless of their adoration for the game, and it seems like the establishment is going to make a rebound. A new report has clarified that Slam Dunk is focusing on a comeback with a new film. The project, which could make a big appearance in 2021, was announced by creator Inoue Takehiko over on Twitter.

The posted a short announcement of the film that was then shared around Japan.

Right now, there are not many subtleties thought about the film. Indeed, nobody has been connected to the project either, however it appears plans for the Slam Dunk comeback are underway.