'Shueisha and 'Kodansha' have Combined
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Manga distributors Shueisha and Kodansha have merged their magazines for one really immense issue as a component of the joint “Shōnen Janmaga Gakuen” venture. The memorial issue incorporates 2,264 absolute pages with a 13-cm wide spine. Inside are opening parts for 44 individual manga arrangement from Weekly Shonen Jump and Weekly Shōnen Magazine.

An aggregate of 120 characters from the magazines will show up in a 30-meter ad in Shibuya station from May 6 to 12.

Kodansha and Shueisha opened a merged official site for Shōnen Janmaga Gakuen on April 8. The site requests member’s date of birth and it’s just open to readers younger than 23. The site outlines itself as a genuine school where all the learning materials are manga magazines.