Shonen Jump Biggest One Piece Crossover

An announced One Piece Crossover marking the manga’s 1,000 chapter achievement will unite main characters from each current Shonen Jump series. Move over, Avengers: Infinity War, One Piece is set to take the biggest crossover crown for comic book characters.

As Eiichiro Oda’s gigantically famous manga series moves toward its 1,000 chapter achievement in about fourteen days’ time, Weekly Shonen Jump will reportedly distribute a unique side-story crossover to stamp the event.

As indicated by an unofficial news source on Twitter for Shueisha’s famous manga magazine, this story, which will run in Issue 5/6, will include each “main character” from each presently serialized title in Shonen Jump.

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Week by week Shonen Jump is setting up a festival like no other as its lead arrangement One Piece is going to hit its 1,000th section. To remember the event, Shonen Jump is purportedly distributing an exceptional crossover chapter of One Piece that will include all the fundamental characters in the magazine’s present setup.

This will clearly incorporate characters like Senku from Dr. Stone, Izuku from My Hero Academia and Asta from Black Clover. Obviously, it’ll be a gigantic quill in the cap of one of the greatest selling comics ever. As certain fans are as of now enthusiastically bringing up, Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame aren’t anything contrasted with the possible extent of this crossover.

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Others, in the interim, are excited that a portion of the magazine’s new up-and-comers will get an exceptional occasion to co-star close by the notorious Straw Hats. In addition to the fact that this is serious for One Piece – it’s an unfathomable sign lift for this lesser-known arrangement, as well. This isn’t One Piece’s first crossover, yet it will undoubtedly be bigger than practically some other in the arrangement’s set of experiences.

In 2006, One Piece had a crossover manga with Dragon Ball Z named Cross Epoch. This was a coordinated effort between Eiichiro Oda and Akira Toriyama and included the characters from both of their unbelievable series attempting to make it to a gathering facilitated by Shenron, the wish-conceding dragon. One Piece’s subsequent crossover came in 2011 with One Piece x Toriko: The True Food! Fallen angel Fruit!! highlighting the characters from Toriko close by the Straw Hats. This was another collab between mangaka, with Toriko maker Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro cooperating with Oda.

An anime exceptional in 2013, Dream 9 Toriko x One Piece x Dragon Ball Z Super Collaboration Special, did a crossover between the three nominal series. A couple of other Shonen Jump mangaka have additionally dealt with legitimate One Piece side projects. In 2018, the author/artist team behind Food Wars!, Yūto Tsukuda, and Shun Saeki, made a side project one-shot highlighting the cook of the Straw Hats, Sanji, named Shokugeki no Sanji.

The one-shot happens just before the Baratie arc, about the oceanic eatery’s sous gourmet expert, Sanji, who should manage a disappointing food pundit who won’t complete her plate. The one-shot is precise to Sanji’s character and convictions as a cook while likewise playing to the qualities of the couple by the way they present and express food and their adoration for cooking. With the same number of side projects and coordinated efforts finished with One Piece, it’s in reality nothing unexpected this great Infinity War-style crossover is occurring. Eiichiro Oda has been an enormous impact on present-day manga, and for a man who buckles down each day to recount the story he’s been telling for more than 23 years, there’s no preferred time over now to toast to his achievements.

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