Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle
Photo Credit: Project No.9

Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle anime‘s official website released the trailer for the up and coming anime on Friday, check it out below:

The site likewise uncovered Takanori Nishikawa and ASCA’s opening theme song Tenbin – LIbra– and Rei Yasuda’s ending theme song through The dark. The trailer sneak peaks the song Tenbin – LIbra-.

The anime is listed with 12 episodes.

Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle will debut in Japan on AT-X on April 6 at 10:00 p.m., and Funimation confirmed streaming the arrangement throughout the spring season.

Anime stars include:

  • Yuuki Kaji as Yami no Ōji (Prince of Darkness)
  • Yui Horie as Hikari no Ō Airisu (Queen of Light Iris)
Photo Credit: Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle Anime’s Official Website

Other cast members include:

  • Shōgo Batori as Faios
  • Chise Nakamura as Sima
  • Takuya Iwabata as Teo
  • Kensuke Matsui as Alantia
  • Katsuyuki Miura as Valas
  • Una Nagisa as Groza
  • Atsuyoshi Miyazaki as Skears
  • Kengo Takanashi as Adelle
  • Susumu Akagi as Yami no Ō (King of Darkness)
  • Shōzō Iizuka as Bal

Anime’s staff includes:

  • Masato Jinbo as the Director
  • Studio – project No.9
  • Yousuke Okuda as the Character designer
  • Taku Iwasaki as the Sound Composer
  • Hiroki Asai as the Executive Producer
  • Ryōji Tsunoda as the Anime’s Supervisor

White Cat Project is role-playing game created and distributed by Colopl for Android and iOS. It was at first discharged in Japan on July 14, 2014. An English-language rendition was discharged globally under the name Colopl Rune Story and worked from July 23, 2015, to October 7, 2016. A side project title, White Cat Tennis was discharged on the two iOS and Android on July 31, 2016, while the up and coming continuation Shironeko New Project will be discharged on the Nintendo Switch sometime in the future.