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The May issue of Kodansha‘s Shonen Magazine Edge uncovered on Wednesday that Shaman King: The Super Star, Hiroyuki Takei‘s new circular segment for his Shaman King manga, did not come back from its break as arranged. It will rather expand the break by two additional months, with an arranged profit for June 17. The magazine noticed that Takei is as yet concentrating on recouping his wellbeing.

The magazine included that Jet Kusamura‘s Shaman King: Red Crimson manga is likewise deferring its arrival, however to the magazine’s next issue on May 17. The spinoff manga launched last June.

The Shaman King: The Super Star manga launched last May, in the wake of distributing three introduction parts.

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Viz Media distributed the first Shaman King manga in English previously, and it portrays how the story started:

When he takes an alternate route through a graveyard, Manta Oyamada meets a peculiar child with earphones — encompassed by phantoms. The child is the adolescent shaman Yoh Asakura. Tapping the otherworldly sword fighting forces of samurai phantom Amidamaru, Yoh battles Bokuto no Ryu, a sword-using group part. Be that as it may, a much progressively perilous adversary is stalking Yoh and Manta — a Chinese shaman who needs to have Amidamaru.

Japanese distributor Kodansha is presently recorded as the trademark proprietor for “Shaman King” in Japan, Europe, and the United States. Viz Media never again holds the permit to the manga. Shueisha initially held the rights to the manga in Japan.