2021 is a major year for The Seven Deadly Sins, with the anime series finding some ending and a new anime film being released later this late summer, yet fans of the anime series may be stunned to find that an official crossover with Netflix’s live-action series, Stranger Things, has landed.

By means of the versatile game, Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, the young people of Hawkins and the Sins meet eye to eye as they fight dangers from the two universes. While we don’t anticipate that a crossover should happen in either the anime or live-action series, this portable hybrid makes for something most fans could never anticipate.

The mobile game for The Seven Deadly Sins initially arrived on portable stages in Japan in 2019, yet as of late made its appearance onto said devices a year ago, with Stranger Things just being one of the numerous franchises that the game has gotten over with.

Obviously, unmistakably the Seven Deadly Sins aren’t reluctant to wander into some odd new region if just through its mobile game The Official Twitter Account for The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross shared the insights about the crazy crossover that consolidates the two universes in a role-playing game that sees all groups included engaging against Demogorgons and other enormous dangers to the real world:

The fourth period of Stranger Things presently can’t seem to gather an affirmed release date, yet fans are hoping to see the children of Hawkins get back to fight dangers starting from the upside in 2022.