Ryotaro Okiayu Replaced Unshō Ishizuka
Photo Credit: google

The official Twitter represent the One Piece establishment uncovered on Sunday that Ryotaro Okiayu is the new voice of the character Kizaru (otherwise known as Borsalino, imagined directly in the picture) in the One Piece anime after Unshō Ishizuka passed away last August. The character shows up in the anime’s 881st scene, which disclosed on Sunday.

Okiayu already voiced the character Kaku in One Piece.

The One Piece anime as of late entered the new Reverie Arc, in the wake of completing the “Entire Cake Island” circular segment that debuted in April 2017. One Piece is getting another movie in the establishment titled One Piece Stampede on August 9 to recognize the TV anime’s twentieth commemoration.