Re: Zero Season 2 Postponed to July Due to Coronavirus Outbreak
Photo Credit: White Fox

A new report affirmed Re:Zero season 2 is getting postponed due to coronavirus, and fans have a ton to state about the choice. For fans, this update is an astounding one, however many states it wouldn’t have been long until such a choice was made. Japan is at present one of the more contaminated nations by coronavirus with Tokyo being a hotbed for transmission.

Over on Twitter, fans started humming when the declaration went live in Japan by means of Re:Zero’s official Twitter account. Crowds were educated the Re:Zero season 2 has been postponed from (April to July), and it is because of the coronavirus’ effect.

Japan has requested that many works from home if conceivable while dropping school for the sum of March. With artists accomplishing work outside the workplace if, by any means, it should not shock anyone that Re:Zero has been delayed.

Synopsys: By dying, a powerless boy obtained the ability “Return by Death,” allowing him to go back in time upon death.

Natsuki Subaru was abruptly summoned to another world on his way home from the convenience store one night. In this new world where he had nothing and no one to turn to, the one power he gained was “Return by Death,” the ability to turn back time upon his own death. To protect those he holds dear, and to take back irreplaceable moments in time, he fights despair as he confronts his cruel fate.