Attack on Titan Quiz Show


    Welcome to your Attack on Titan Quiz Show

    1. What color is Mikasa's scarf?
    2. Which wall did Colossal Titan break?
    3. Is Levi a clean freak?
    4. What titan ate Hannes?
    5. How many walls are there in Attack on Titan?
    6. What District did Eren, Mikasa, and Armin live in?
    7. What was the name of the opening theme song in Attack on Titan Season 2?
    8. What was the main reason that caused the death of Marco Bodt?
    9. Who is the Female Titan in Attack on Titan?
    10. Who is the Beast Titan?
    11. Who beats Eren in court?
    12. Who eats Bertholdt?
    13. Who is humanity's strongest soldier?
    14. Choose: who are Eren's childhood friends?
    15. Which studio animated the Season 1, 2, and 3?
    16. How many Titans are in Attack on Titan?
    17. Who transformed into the biggest titan?
    18. What are the 9 Titans in Attack on Titan?
    Fill out the box:
    19. Does Mikasa love Eren?
    20. What Titan ate Eren's mom?
    21. Who does Ymir love?
    22. What's inside the walls in Attack on Titan?
    23. Who ate Ymir Fritz's body after she died?
    24. Who killed Historia's mother Alma?
    25. What is Kenny to Levi?
    26. Who saved Mikasa from kidnappers?
    27. What is the name of the Forest where Female Titan falls in trap?
    28. Who injected Armin Arlert with the serum?
    29. Who gave Eren the mysterious key?
    30. Who ate Grisha Jaeger?