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The official website for the theatrical anime movie “Promare“, will be released on May 24 2019, the animation work is produced by XFLAG Studio and TRIGGER. Hiroyuki Imaishi will be the director and Kazuki Nakashima will be in charge of the screenplay. The poster was accompanied by a copy of “Burn, extinguish! That’s the way it is.”

What’s more, it is additionally evident that Superfly will be accountable for the opening theme song and ending theme song of this work. The opening song “Awakening” that can be heard in this review video has been composed by Superfly himself, in the picture of the world perspective on this work.

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Superfly isn’t just about battling, yet in addition in light of the fact that the film itself is a work loaded with humankind, so it is a picture of a battle that isn’t tied in with harming individuals, however securing somebody. I believe it’s another thing that hasn’t been found in past Superfly works, which is as intriguing as it seemed to be.