Princess Principal: Crown Handler
Photo Credit: Actas

Princess Principal anime‘s official website released the trailer for Princess Principal: Crown Handler, the first of six planned sequel anime films.

The trailer uncovers and sees the film‘s theme song “LIES and TIES” which is played by Void_Chords feat. Yui Mugino.

The site likewise uncovered the movie’s story and key visual by character originator and boss animation chief Kimitake Nishio.

Princess Principal Anime’s Official Website

The film is scheduled to premiere on April 10.

Masaki Tachibana is coming back from the past TV arrangement to direct the up and coming film at Actas. Be that as it may, the film’s credits don’t likewise list Studio 3Hz, which dealt with the TV arrangement with Actas. Additionally, Noboru Kimura is regulating and composing the content, rather than the TV anime’s Ichiro Okouchi. The film’s principle five cast individuals will play out the film’s ending theme songNowhere Land.

Kouhaku Kuroboshi is as yet credited with the first character plans, and Yukie Akiya adjusted the structures for animation. Be that as it may, Kimitake Nishio is likewise planning characters for the movie, and is credited as the sole chief animation executive without Akiya.

Yuki Kajiura has returned to form the music with sound executive Yoshikazu Iwanami.

Photo Credit: Actas

Anime film‘s cast members include:

  • Aoi Koga as Ange
  • Akira Sekine as Princess
  • Yō Taichi as Dorothy
  • Akari Kageyama as Beatrice
  • Nozomi Furuki as Chise

Sentai Filmworks portrays the anime series:

“At the end of the 19th century, London, the Kingdom of Albion has been split into East and West sides by a giant wall. Five girls attend Queen’s Mayfaire, a conventional and prestigious school. Under the guise of regular high school girls, they act as spies under cover. Disguise, reconnaissance, infiltration, car chases… Each girl uses their own set of special skills to dart around the world of shadow.”