Pokemon Writer Wanted To Kill Ash İn Mewtwo Strikes Back
Photo Credit: OLM, Inc.

Pokemon isn’t the kind of anime intended to stun fans, however, it appears author Takeshi Shudo didn’t care for holding fast to such a standard. As the first head author behind the anime, he was answerable for regulating Ash’s journey through the Kanto and Johto areas.

Prior to his death, Shudo took to the Internet to share his considerations about dealing with Pokemon, and it was there the author appears to share his arrangements for Ash dying. (Check it here)

Be that as it may, Shudo had needed to initially end the film with Ash as an elderly person thinking back on his more youthful days as a coach before awakening the following day as a child once more. Obviously, time-travel could be the reason for Ash turning out to be youthful by and by, however, Shudo’s depiction of the completion appears to recommend something increasingly concrete.

The experiences he had with his astounding Pokemon, the companionship, the conjunction. Perhaps Ash couldn’t encounter these things sometime down the road. Be that as it may, as a child, there were Pikachu and bunches of other Pokemon, Jessie and James, and Mewtwo.

Pokemon Writer Wanted To Kill Ash İn The Mewtwo Strikes Back Movie
Photo Credit: OLM, Inc.

While staying there, Shudo says he would hear his mother’s voice advising him to rest so he could set off on an experience tomorrow. Debris would stir as a little youngster “to begin another experience” where he’s not hoping to turn into a Pokemon ace however rather “find the importance of presence.”

Plainly, this is a dim consummation for the first Pokemon film, and Shudo made it when he accepted the anime was set to end soon. All things considered, the picture of an old Ash sitting alone without Pikachu is upsetting most definitely.