Pokemon Voice Actor Reveals How Pocket Monsters Anime Will Be Unalike
Photo Credit: Studio OLM, Inc. Team Kato

Pokemon anime arrangement is dropping without a moment to spare to agree with the arrival of the white-hot video game that is Pokemon: Sword and Shield.

The Japanese voice entertainer for Ash, Rica Matsumoto, affirmed that Gou will be the main conspicuous co-star for the up and coming anime, making for a takeoff from the past Pokemon seasons.

Down below a Twitter User (Rad_Dudesman) shared the passage from Rica as she spread out the way that Gou would be Ketchum’s just right-hand man, not leaving space for any semblance of Misty or Brock to participate in one their reality voyaging undertakings in the early portions of the most recent period of Pokemon.

At the point when the establishment initially started, the two exercise center pioneers of Misty and Brock joined his side and for a long while, pursued Ash on his adventure with their specializations in water and shake pocket beasts individually.

Gou, for the individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea, is likewise endeavoring to get one of the best Pokemon coaches on the planet yet with the additional proviso of attempting to come into contact with the antiquated, puzzling pocket monster that is Mew.