Pokemon Preview Teases Ash's Returning in Unova
Photo Credit: Team Kato

Pokemon anime’s most current arrangement has been decently un-conventional up to this point. As opposed to concentrating exclusively on Ash’s excursion through the most up to date area of the establishment, Galar, he and new saint Go have been visiting past districts of the establishment dependent on whatever experience appears to spring up at the time.

The next episode of the arrangement will see Ash and Go head to the Unova area from the Black and White video games. The preview video additionally teases Ash and Go’s first official raid fight.


Episode 14 of the Pokemon series is titled The First Visit to the [Unova Region]! Raid Battle at the Ruins!! and it’s described as such, Ash and Go go to the Unova region in order to investigate some ruins that have been found in the desert! They immediately start their research…or at least that was the plan, but it turns out the ruins have lots of traps in them! Will they be able to shed light on the mysteries of the ruins?!