Pokemon Journeys has been starting late, and it appears to be the show is all set much further past. After a concise visit to Alola prior this month, Ash and Goh are preparing for another round of undertakings. One of these missions will return the young men to Galar, and it will follow their interpretation of the story occasions from Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The arc, which is being known as the Darkest Days arc, put out it’s first key visual today. You can look at the dynamic piece below! Ash and Goh are in the front of this key visual with Pikachu and Sobble by their individual instructors.

Riolu is no place to be seen since the Pokemon developed into a Lucario as appeared behind Ash. The equivalent can be said for Raboot as the rabbit has changed from its emotional self to the sure bunny known as Cinderace.