Photo Credit: OLM, Inc.

Ash’s record of fights was going to get significantly progressively furious as he keeps on taking on a wide range of challenges because of the Pokemon World Championship rankings. One of the surrender challengers was evidently the returning Shalour City Gym Leader Korrina. Before the Pokemon anime went on break, Ash, at last, had the option to add a Riolu to his group after such a long time.

Fans have been persuaded that Riolu would rapidly develop into Lucario, so maybe observing Korrina’s Lucario in real life will be the lift it needs to as of now advance? (@PsychoLogicalHD on Twitter), the promotion for Episode 25 of Pokemon Journeys teases a fight between “Korrina’s Lucario against Ash’s Dragonite“. Ash still can’t seem to use this Dragonite fighting since he shockingly added it to his group a couple of episodes back, so this will be the full exhibit of its capacities.

Ash going head to head against past difficulties has been one of the main draws of this most up to date Pokemon anime, and fans are thinking about whether there will be a standard holding everything together.