Pokemon Detective Pikachu
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Pokemon Detective Pikachu is getting a comic book adjustment. The American Media Company Legendary declared that their comic book division was distributing a comic book adjustment of their cutting edge Pokemon film, which stars Ryan Reynolds as the voice of Detective Pikachu and Justice Smith as his human accomplice.

The full-length realistic novel will be a customary adjustment of the Detective Pikachu film rather than a prequel or continuation comic. No innovative group was reported for the realistic novel, nor was a particular discharge date given.

Detective Pikachu is stretching out beyond its May discharge. The film will likewise have a huge amount of tie-in stock and its very own smaller than the normal arrangement of Pokemon cards discharged in the coming weeks.

Pokemon Detective Pikachu‘s official release date is on May 10th.

To the best of our insight, this is the first occasion when the Pokemon establishment has been adjusted to a Western-style comic book position. While there have been a lot of Pokemon manga arrangement throughout the years and even a couple of comics that utilized stills from the anime, this will be the first occasion when that we’ve gotten an “official” Pokemon comic book distributed by an American comic book organization.