Pokemon The Movie: Secrets of the Jungle
Photo Credit: OLM, Inc.

Pokémon franchise’s official website released a brand new English Dubbed trailer for Pokémon Coco (23rd anime film of the franchise) film on Friday. Check it out below:

The new film Pokemon Coco also has a new title for the Western countries which is Pokemon The Movie: Secrets of the Jungle.

The English Dubbed version of the movie is set to release in North America in 2021.

The film will open in Japan on December 25, 2020.

The new film’s story is set in Okoya Forest, a Pokémon heaven ensured by exacting principles that prohibit outcasts from walking inside. The film fixates on Koko, a kid who was raised by Pokémon and furthermore views himself as one, treating the Mythical Pokémon Zarude as his dad. Debris and Pikachu experience Koko during an undertaking. The film centers around the topic of a human raised by Pokémon, rather than the past movies’ focal point of the bond between a human mentor and their Pokémon.

The film is the first all-new anime film in the establishment in two years, since the latest movies in the establishment incorporate Pokémon Detective Pikachu and Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution.