Photo Credit: Visual Arts/Key/planetarian project

Visual Art’s/Key’s Campfire crowdfunding project for another Planetarian Snow Globe unique video anime (OVA) outperformed its objective to raise more than 30 million yen. As of press time, the campaign has raised 33,246,006 yen about US$305,000.

The crowdfunding effort launched on Friday, which denoted the fifteenth commemoration of the PC arrival of the first planetarian ‘the dream of a little planet’ “kinetic novel.”

The main stretch objective for the new venture is to raise 40 million yen about US$365,000 to expand the length of the OVA. Staff initially anticipated the OVA to be around 25 minutes in length.

The new OVA Planetarian Snow Globe will include the prequel short story “Snow Globe,” which appeared as a major aspect of a light novel volume that packaged with a restricted release form of the first PC game. The other short stories in the accumulated novel were “Jerusalem,” Man of the Stars, and “Tircis and Aminte“.