2020 top 50 manga

With regards to manga, there are heaps of series to look at. The medium has accepted each type there is on the planet, and keeping in mind that a few longshots go unnoticed, a considerable number of hits are found a seemingly endless amount of time after year.

Obviously, this achievement is typically reflected in their deals, so it may intrigue you to understand what the fifty most elevated selling manga were in 2020. The data has met up gratitude to a last Oricon update. The Japanese distribution is the go-to hotspot for everything deals.

Oricon has been following manga deals throughout recent years, and the top entertainers a year ago couldn’t compare to Demon Slayer. As indicated by the report, Oricon counted up an astounding 82.3 million copies for Demon Slayer. The series overwhelmed all the opposition with its over-the-top deals.

True to form, Demon Slayer ended up as the winner in 2020 given its anime’s rebound and manga finale. The runner-up count could not hope to compare at 8.2 million copies, however the numbers are as yet noteworthy for Kingdom. The best ten keeps on including One Piece as it counted 7.7 copies. Haikyuu came in fourth before Jujutsu Kaisen at under 7 million copies. The remainder of the rundown kept shape with The Promised Neverland, 5-toubun no Hanayome, My Hero Academia, SPYxFAMILY, and Attack on Titan.