one punch man genos fusion
Photo: Madhouse

One-Punch Man appeared a ground-breaking Genos combination with the most up to date section of the series! The battle against Psykos proceeds with the most recent chapter of the series as her combination with Monster King Orochi’s body has brought about the most grounded and most gigantic enemy in the series to date. Genos has been giving a valiant effort to stay aware of her mystic powers, and even Tatsumaki has been battling to put the final details on this enormous fight.

Both of them have been cooperating accordingly, and the past chapter carried Drive Knight into the battle too. One-Punch Man Chapter 136 proceeds with the battle with Psykos as Tatsumaki has stirred herself back wakeful.

Them three have collaborated against the amazing adversary, and Drive Knight and Genos choose to take their cooperation to the following level by consolidating their centers and bodies with each other to benefit as much as possible from their restricted excess energy – Tactical Combination Dragon King. With Drive Knight coming up short on energy, he represents that he and Genos should intertwine their centers with each other. Genos concurs and soon his body is changed by all of Drive Knight’s additional items.

Both of them are then sufficiently able to fend off against Psykos’ secret stash, yet there’s a significant time limit being set on this combination as Genos’ center could detonate at any second. It’s as yet insufficient to put Psykos down totally, but rather fortunately the leftover S-Class Heroes are around to help for a significant tag-group assault.