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One-Punch Man has arrived at the peak of the fight between the S-Class Heroes and the Monster Association, and now the legends are going head to head their hardest adversary yet as Psykos has merged with the Monster King Orochi to turn into an amazing supernatural god.

Genos had gotten one more update following his ruthless misfortune at the very beginning of the Monster Association adventure and has not had a lot of chance to flaunt what these gigantic moves up to his structure could do. Chapter 131 of the arrangement as Genos joins the battle against Psykos when Tatsumaki is toward the finish of her ropes.

One-Punch Man Gives Genos His Strongest Attack Yet
Photo Credit: Shueisha

When Tatsumaki was stuck by Psykos and was going to take a tremendous impact of clairvoyant vitality at the point-clear range, Genos flew around to spare her. Genos now has significantly more grounded and quicker developments than before as now his rockets venture blue lightning vitality from every one of his fumes ports.

He figures out how to totally avoid the mystic impact with his gun and surges upward to Psykos while seeming as though a blue monster made out of lightning. Finishing the theme, Genos’ hands change into a mythical serpent’s mouth and he charges for his most grounded assault yet, the Piercing Lightning Cannon.

Tragically, it doesn’t exactly work out as he’s trusted. Psykos keeps on becoming more grounded with each new second, and in this way, she had the option to divert and overwhelm Genos’ assault. Indeed, even with his redesigns, Genos isn’t sufficiently able to have an effect here.