Photo Credit: Madhouse

Fans of One-Punch Man learned as of late how far the arrangement has gone to avoid those rules. Over on Reddit, the discussion sprung up after a user brought up a supposed case of avoided control which you can never unsee. So on the off chance that you need to even now have the option to take a gander at Puri-Puri Prisoner without wincing, you better pivot now!

The client “birdofnoel” over on Reddit for bringing up the somewhat scurrilous certainty. It is there fans can see Puri-Puri Prisoner standing tall in the entirety of his solid brilliance upon the volume’s first page, however, he is naked. As restriction laws direct, the man’s private parts are whited out to keep things kid-accommodating. The fan-made a post on Reddit displaying One-Punch Man volume six which can be seen (Here).

Puri-Puri Prisoner is on the opposite side of the volume’s cover title. On that page, the content “One-Punch Man Vol. 6” can be found, and it is situated deliberately. It turns out the “6” on the cover page is situated with the goal that it takes after the genitals which Puri-Puri Prisoner needed to darken to pacify the manga controls. this isn’t the first run through something like this has been done in the manga, yet fans are somewhat amazed Murata went to such lengths.