One punch man chapter 139

The fate of One-Punch Man‘s anime is as yet open to question, with no expression of the arrival of Saitama and the Hero Association to the little screen, yet the manga has been proceeding with solid in the legends battle against the beasts undermining the surface world as one of the main artist has shared a gander at the following cover of the famous story.

In spite of the fact that season two was not also gotten as the first, considering the change from the activity studio of Madhouse to JC Staff, fans are still left pondering with respect to when we’ll see the One-Punch Man return of the universe of anime! Without going too profoundly into spoiler domain, Saitama is as yet searching for adversaries that would really give him a test, as now foe, regardless of whether they be human, outsider, or beast has had the option to face his assaults.

Obviously, paying little mind to who vitalizes a potential season three, there are a lot of crazy fights to restore from the most recent chapters of the mainstream franchise!

One-Punch Man Artist, Yusuke Murata, posted the cover picture for the 139th chapter of the manga. One-Punch Man is funny in the way that it has a story that many accept would not work, as Saitama can’t apparently be vanquished by anybody that he comes into contact with, however, this uses the entertainment of the establishment, and still figures out how to give us some crazy fights with the “saint for no particular reason” and the other legends that populate the world.