One-Punch Man Animator & Creator Celebrates with new Sketches for Season 2
Photo Credit: Chikashi Kubota - Chief Animation Director

One-Punch Man season 2, the anime maker and one of its top animators are rather celebrating the fulfillment of the period by discharging some new craftsmanship!

The first sketch down below was drawn by the ‘One-Punch Man Creator‘ “ONE.

The second sketch down below was drawn by the ‘One-Punch Man‘ chief anime director Chikashi Kubota“.

Also, the fans are furious about the season 3 wether will it come out soon or not. But the official One-Punch Man Twitter Account posted this tweet, which expresses that “the 2nd round is finished up, yet One-Punch is not over, we will do our best to convey the anime once more!”

While this isn’t an affirmation using any and all means, this shows the makers and illustrators at JC Staff are pushing for the arrangement to make a resurgence. Considering the sheer notoriety of the arrangement both in the east and the west, we’d state its basically a hammer dunk that One-Punch Man will make an arrival sooner or later in time.

Presently whether that is one year from now or perhaps a long time from now is still not yet decided.