Zoro New Powerful Sword
Photo: Toei Animation

One Piece gave Roronoa Zoro an amazing new blade in the most recent episode of the anime! As the anime series made the last strides of groundwork for the Wano Country arcs subsequent demonstration, every one of the significant parts in the initial two acts are going into the third altogether extraordinary.

Not just has Luffy apparently had the option to dominate his most up to date type of Haki, Ryuo, however Zoro will be remunerated for his work ensuring Hiyori Kozuki with an incredible new blade.

As was teased by the past cliffhanger, this new blade once had a place with Oden Kozuki himself. Episode 956 of the arrangement was not just the last One Piece episode of 2020 but at the same time was the last scene of the Wano Country bend’s subsequent demonstration.

This implied the last pieces were being set up, for example, Zoro conveying a far more grounded sword into fight, and it’s now seeming as though it will come at an extreme cost to employ this new edge, Enma. As Hitetsu clarifies, Zoro’s new blade is one of the cutting edges Oden once used against Kaido that are passed down to his kids.


Momonosuke will not acquire his until further notice, and Hiyori rather offers it to Zoro in return for the arrival of Shusui. Oden was the simply one to actually effectively utilize this edge, and this is on the grounds that it will in general ingest Haki uncontrollably with each utilization. We consider this to be activity as Enma retains a greater amount of Zoro’s Haki into it than he means. This enables him to totally cut off an edge of a bluff yet in addition shrivels his arm down to nothing.

He’s ready to get it leveled out, yet it’s currently certain that if Zoro really needs to battle with this new edge he will have to dominate his Haki control when utilizing it. Zoro is going into Wano’s last fight with one of the lone weapons to actually harm Kaido. There’s a decent possibility Zoro will have the option to employ this edge similarly, and if he’s ready to, Zoro will emerge from this circular segment far more grounded than we have ever observed him previously.