One Piece Unveils How Oden Kozuki Defeated A Mountain God
Photo Credit: Toei Animation

One Piece has been working to the Wano Country circular segment for a long time, through these ground-breaking warriors we’ve discovered that Oden was a regarded pioneer of Wano 20 years prior, however, we really haven’t seen a lot of Oden himself.

This changed with the most recent couple of sections of the arrangement that have given a significant flashback that uncovered a vastly different Oden than anticipated.

Chapter 961 gives an incredible contention concerning why he got such a great amount of support as he overcomes the monster pig mountain god effortlessly. After certain crooks grab one of this monster pig’s kids, the mountain god slipped into Wano and started to consume the nation. A young Kin’emon attempts to overcome the mountain god when its piglet by one way or another winds up in his grip, yet he zeroes harm to the giant pig.

When Kin’emon fizzles, Oden rather lifts the young hog up high so as to draw the god’s consideration. Balancing himself to assault, Oden utilizes his Oden Two-Sword Style Paradise Waterfall and slices the giant hog neatly down the middle.

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(c) Eiichiro Oda, Shueisha / “One Piece” Production Committee