“Warning!! be advised that the article contains a spoiler!! İf you haven’t read chapter 1011 of the One Piece manga then avoid reading this article as we’ll be plunging into some genuine spoiler!”

Quite possibly the most alarming parts of the Wano Arc has been the détente manufactured between two of the greatest antagonists of the anime establishment in Big Mom and Kaido, yet it appears as though the organization may be in a dangerous situation because of the most recent chapter of One Piece’s manga.

With the War for Wano going all out and the Straw Hat Pirates doing combating against scores of Beast Pirates, Big Mom has been helping Kaido in battling against Luffy, Zoro, Kidd, Killer, and Trafalgar Law of the Worst Generation, however, it appears as things may change. Huge Mom was incidentally kicked out of the fight against the Worst Generation, momentarily returning in a frantic scramble to discover Kid, however mysteriously ran into O-Tama, Nami, and Usopp, who are endeavoring to avoid a part of the greater members from the Beast Pirates.

Incredibly, Big Mom chooses to adopt a protective strategy to the little kid, not proceeding with her attack yet rather starting up a discussion with the inhabitant of the Kuri locale of Wano Country. To the stun of Charlotte Lin, O-Tama clarifies that the town of Okobe, which had taken in the previous Rock Pirate and given her grace, had been obliterated by Kaido and his Beast Pirates.

Getting through her rough outside, Big Mom understands that the association she struck was dispossessed of honor and has apparently chosen to dispatch an attack against Kaido and his powers during the War For Wano.