One Piece Episode 950
Photo Credit: Toei Animation

One Piece anime has its tensions up at the latest occasions and with our Straw Hats reaching to Wano things started to become nerve racking, and it has just gotten additionally challenging in the months following. Actually, Luffy is struggling in the wake of being toss into prison following his snare on Kaido, and another synopsis that went live earlier clears up to fans on how his Luffy’s prison break will be ending up.

As of late, a huge number of synopsis regarding the following episodes went live for One Piece, and it was there fans monitored the following week’s update. The scene appearing on November 15 vows to conclude Luffy’s time in jail as the Udon Work Camp is going to close down forever.

The synopsis which was shared by Twitter user @NozDRaz says the following:

“Luffy and his friends united the prisoners’ hearts and finally took control of the Udon Prisoner Mines. However, Luffy who has a been infected with the Mummy virus by a plague bullet developed by Queen, is one of the All Stars of the Beast Pirates, loses his energy,

For Luffy and other infected prisoners, Chopper rushes to make vaccine. Meanwhile, Luffy proposes to Eustass Kid – the captain of the Kid Pirates – to defeat Kaido together?”

The anime’s following episode is the 950th one and it is prepared to push Luffy past his jail spell, and some significant moves will made in this wrap-up scene. The first is because of Chopper as the specialist is going to figure out how to neutralize one of the villainous Kaido’s most dangerous assaults.

One Piece episode is scheduled to come out on November 15, 2020.

One Piece manga chapter 994 was released on November 2, 2020.

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