Gol D. Roger
Photo: Toei Animation

The anime adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s worldwide famous One Piece is currently investaging the existence of Kozuki Oden and his movements outside of the separated country known as Wano, and it appears as though quite possibly the most notorious snapshots of this flashback has been given a shiny new look.

The new flashback arc hasn’t recently given us a superior investigate the beginning of Oden however has additionally investigated the existences of Whitebeard and Gol D. Roger, showing how the country of Wano had undeniably more impact on the universe of the Grand Line than recently known.

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In the anime’s latest arc, Oden’s life has been investigated after he wandered outside of the boundaries of Wano, endeavoring to turn into a piece of Whitebeard’s team and going through some limit difficulties to do as such. By wandering close by Whitebeard, Oden unintentionally met his perfect partner and future mother of his youngsters and got into a physical altercation with as a matter of fact the man himself, Gol D. Roger. With the privateer ruler conflicting with as a matter of fact Whitebeard promptly following thumping Oden silly, perhaps the greatest crossroads throughout the entire existence of the establishment is going to be uncovered and this new key craftsmanship gives us a new gander at it.

Over on Twitter, a user name New World Artur shared the new key art for one of Gol D. Roger’s greatest moments wherein he found the treasure named the One Piece and could just torque back his head and snicker because of seeing exactly what the since a long time ago pursued treasure was:

Despite the fact that the anime has taken a break from the cutting edge experiences of the Straw Hat Pirates, the manga has returned to Luffy and his team in a major new manner with the most recent arc in the War for Wano. With the last fight between the Straw Hats and the Beast Pirates occurring in the pages of the manga, the anime makes certain to detonate with activity when this storyline materializes. Up to that point, the Oden flashback will have a lot of large shocks in store as we follow the heartbreaking story of Wano’s most famous inhabitant

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