One Piece uncovered how Kaido got his scar with the flashback in the most recent episode of the series! Oden’s flashback arc proceeds in the most current scene of the series, and keeping in mind that it’s making way for the remainder of the Wano Country’s third demonstration, it’s additionally noteworthy some major new insights regarding Wano’s set of experiences and how could affect the fate of the bend.

While we had recently caught wind of how Orochi collaborated with Kaido to take over Wano while Oden was away, the most current scene of the arrangement gave us our best gander at this Kaido from an earlier time yet. Getting from the past cliffhanger that saw Oden and the Akazaya Nine testing Kaido’s powers with an end goal to recover Wano from the Kozuki Clan, the most recent episode of the series formally let fans in on the unbelievable fight in Wano’s past between the two fighting sides.

As one would expect subsequent to seeing Oden’s solidarity, it turns out he is the person who in reality left the scar on Kaido’s chest. Kaido referenced this in passing previously, however the most current scene of the arrangement truly flaunted exactly how well Oden Kozuki’s force piled facing Kaido’s solidarity. Episode 972 of the series handles Oden and the Akazaya Nine’s assault on Kaido’s powers.

While the Akazaya Nine battle against the gigantic power, Oden and Kaido essentially battle on a similar level. Oden can channel his Ryou into his sharp edges and risks everything when he uses the Paradise Totsuka against Kaido’s dragon form.