Photo Credit: Toei Animation

The Straw Hats team is a piece of that world-class group, however, the equivalent can be said for Portgas D. Pro. That is the reason a smaller than normal manga about the man is going to the introduction, and fans are cherishing their first-take a gander at the task.

Twitter user WSJ_manga got fans notified when they shared a gander at the anticipated manga of One Piece Novel A. The book, which was distributed years prior, was the first of two archiving Ace’s excursions as a pirate during his initial undertakings.

It was reported some time back that Boichi, the artist behind Dr. Stone, wanted to adjust the books into a manga. The artist followed through on his guarantee. One Piece Novel An is getting a manga, and fans are cherishing how Boichi’s fine art suits the nautical arrangement.

The One Piece tale is by Sho Hinata with oversight done by arrangement creator Eiichiro Oda. The two-chapter arrangement gives Ace a source story befitting of his notorious status, and it clarifies how the searing kid went from needing to skipper his own group to promising devotion to Whitebeard.

Viz Media’s official description for the One Piece Novel A reads as: Washed up on the shores of a deserted island at the edge of the East Blue Sea, two men from different backgrounds unite in their shared thirst for adventure. One of them, Portgas D. Ace, will follow in his infamous father’s footsteps as the fearless captain of a pirate crew. The other, Masked Deuce, becomes the reluctant first member of Ace’s Spade Pirates. Survival is not enough for these seafaring buccaneers, as together they seek treasure, excitement, and a route to the New World.