Photo Credit: Toei Animation

The greatest mystery of the One Piece series Wano Country arc has been the manner by which the individuals of Ebisu Town are continually laughing, and the most current episode finished with a cliffhanger uncovering why they are compelled to do this.

The most recent episode of One Piece has arrived at another peak of the second demonstration of the arrangement as Shogun Orochi had condemned Tonoyasu to execution.

With the information that he would have been executed, nobody figures out how to make it to him so as to spare him. Subsequently, Tonoyasu is executed, and the individuals around begin to snicker. They don’t cry at such a somber encounter however rather chuckle since they can no longer show any sort of feeling.

One Piece Reveals The Reason People Of Wano Always Laugh
Photo Credit: Toei Animation

Scene 940 of the arrangement sees Tonoyasu severely executed before his little girl and the others of Ebisu Town that had rushed to his side. Thinking they were all simply keeping a grin all over like Tonoyasu, Zoro needs to realize what the arrangement is yet Hiyori gives him the depressing truth.

Through tears, she uncovers that the individuals of Ebisu Town have basically had the entirety of their feelings taken from them because of the SMILE Fruit that Kaido and Orochi have brought to the locale. Following seeing the Laugh making plants before, Zoro naturally recognizes what sort of difficulty these organic products have caused the people.