One Piece Wano arc
Photo: Toei Animation

One Piece is pushing ahead with its peak of the Wano Country curve, and things are looking truly serious. Luffy and the Worst Generation are taking on two Yonko after Oden’s samurai tumbled to the giants. Right now, the chances of triumph are agreeable to Kaido’s team, however it seems like those potentials for success won’t have.

All things considered, a beginner vows to change the tides of the fight, and they will overwhelm the Beasts Pirates. The update went down in the latest chapter of One Piece. The update started with a visit from Tama, and the young lady has decided to make her remain at Onigashima.

The young lady accepts she can help her companions win, and her extraordinary Dango power guarantees she will. With the assistance of Speed, the Beast Pirates are conforming to Tama yet not out of decision. The main event has begun giving out Tama’s Dango to her peers and the Sifters. This group makes up a sizable bit of Kaido’s team, and they are frequently the most remarkable.

Furthermore, whenever they have eaten Tama’s Dango, they really want to follow her orders. The manga shows this by and by when Tama guides a gathering of them to help Franky. Nami and Usopp are stunned by the turn just like the Tobi Roppo present. They rapidly sort out this turncoat change is on account of somebody on Luffy’s side, and they are right. The party in question is Tama, and her power threatens a large part of Kaido’s team.