One Piece Chapter 999
Photo: Toei Animation

One Piece, throughout more than 20 years has introduced us to many characters that became fan-favorite for a short period of time and one of them with no doubt is Portgas D. Ace. He actually gave up his own life to save his more youthful brother Luffy during the Marineford Arc, and the most recent chapter of the manga has gone above and beyond by demonstrating that the fire-using pirate was the best brother in the world.

The next year is set to commence One Piece’s manga with the one-thousandth chapter of the rambling epic and the War for Wano is crawling nearer and nearer to its finale as more is uncovered about Ace’s past all the while.

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Regardless of being dead, Ace for quite a while known to mankind of One Piece, has had a compelling task to carry out during the Wano Arc, having visited the secluded country years prior. With the chapter 999, we are given a flashback to Ace coming into contact with Yamato, the posterity of Kaido, during his journey. With the two sharing beverages and discussion following a concise engagement, they spread out their fantasies to each other and Ace discussions about how much confidence he has in his sibling, notwithstanding not in any event, cruising the oceans of the Grand Line by then.

In addition to the fact that Ace hypes up his sibling, however, Yamato even ventures to such an extreme as to take note of that the fire flinging swashbuckler won’t quit discussing his younger brother, demonstrating exactly how much love Ace has for Luffy. Obviously, we would at last observe this happen during the Marineford Arc with Ace relinquishing himself to save his sibling and the heritage left by the previous Whitebeard privateers stays following his downfall.

Photo: Viz Media

The War For Wano is effectively probably the greatest fight to actually occur in the series, giving us the absolute greatest difficulties that the Straw Hats have ever experienced, alongside additional noteworthy the greatest mysteries of the universe of the Grand Line.

One Piece Chapter 999 was released on December 21, 2020 and you can read it by following the link on Viz Media!

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