One Piece Chapter 1004
Photo: Toei Animation

One Piece, with a history of more than 20 years has got many mysteries, and it has achieved quite a lot throughout the long term. Indeed, a decent couple of inquiries stay unsolved by the manga, however there are some which ought to be addressed soon. For example, One Piece just dispatched a central issue to fans when a secretive courageous woman made her presentation, and perusers are left pondering who the rookie may be.

One Piece manga Chapter 1004 had an interesting update. The new delivery zeroed in on the Straw Hats just as Tama, however the cliffhanger separated from the gathering. At this moment, some of the villainous Kaido’s top men are hoping to kill the samurai following their underlying annihilation. The fighters have disappeared, yet one bystander predicts the vassals are being really focused on by a puzzling guardian angel.

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The prophecy says the following:

“Keep your wits about you!! For in that room, I see ten. It’s hard to make through the gloom, but someone is attempting to save the samurai. Go now! Go quick and kill! Someone is there,”

The chapters’ last board shows a lady in shadow as she endeavors to help the samurai. Sweat or tears can be considered dribbling to be her face as she works. There is little around to recognize the courageous woman in this shot, yet One Piece fans accept they know what it’s identity is.

The two winning speculations point fingers at Toki or Hiyori. The last courageous woman is referred to fans as she is Momonosuke’s sister. Yet, with respect to Toki, well, fans were told she passed on. Oden’s significant other has accepted dead many years back when she sent her child forward as expected. Everybody trusted Toki passed on after, yet a few fans accept she endure or maybe made a trip herself to save the vassals. Furthermore, in the event that One Piece fans are fortunate, they will discover reality soon!

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