Photo Credit: Toei Animation

One Piece has been centered around Wano throughout recent months, and the arc has procured a standing with fans of being the best from its story beats to all the stunning animation. That is the reason his ongoing stretch in jail has kept crowds stuck to the TV, and the following scene of One Piece vows to give us one of the legend’s best minutes yet. Episode 948 of One Piece went live, and it was their fans who noticed Luffy.

The hero has ended up in critical waterways as the jail camp he’s it is divided into equal parts. While everybody needs to get away, Queen has undermined Kaido’s foes into quietness, yet Luffy isn’t here for it. The hero is resolved to get away, and the preview for episode 949 shows how far he will go to help other people.

The video can be seen below as it shows the detainees battling against the Beasts Pirates who administer them.

Luffy figures out how to retaliate against the plague. Also, by the preview’s end, Luffy is seen yelling off-screen with an assurance like none other.

As you can envision, Luffy has some difficult work left to do at the detainee camp, and manga readers realize how the Straw Hat figures out how to get everyone excited.