One Piece Chapter 1012
Photo: Shueisha

One Piece, throughout its history of more than 20 years has had many intense story arcs and the latest one, the Wano Country arc with The War for Wano is proceeding to destroy the disengaged country as the Straw Hat Pirates end up isolated from one another while going head to head with the villainous Kaido and his particular Beast Pirates, and the most recent manga chapter has given us some prescience into the posterity of Kaido, Yamato, and Luffy by and by coming into contact with each other once more.

As the protagonist of the series’ Monkey D. Luffy faces Kaido in a one-on-one battle, it appears to be that Yamato probably won’t make it to him on schedule before the epic conflict finds some conclusion and changes the fate of Wano.

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The War for Wano has been nothing if not tumultuous, with Yamato assisting with protecting Kozuki Oden’s child, Momo, and convey him to Shinobu, a previous adherent of his beloved father. As the posterity of Kaido acknowledges since the Beast Pirates are searching for Momo and his friend in need as a couple, Yamato is looking to go about as a bait while additionally “tingling” at the chance for a battle.

Having a talk with Momo, Yamato actually asks how Luffy is getting along:

“Oh and is Luffy all right Momonosuke?; He is the same as earlier, weakened but still well. However, there are only two voices now.;
One-on-one, I have to hurry.”

On the top base camp for Beast Pirates’ HQ, Luffy and Kaido are having a ruthless battle that shows how the commander of the Straw Hat Pirates has improved since their last gathering, figuring out how to remain in sync with the new frightening structure for the adversary of Wano, who can mix his human structure with that of his dragon one allowed to him by the Fish Fruit.

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