Photo Credit: Toei Animation

One Piece anime’s most recent episode sees Luffy, at last, prevail at releasing another Haki! Since the time he was vanquished by Kaido in a prior episode, Luffy has been utilizing his time in Wano’s Udon Prison to possibly make himself sufficiently able to overcome Kaido whenever around.

Luffy discovered that Hyo would have the option to show him a similar sort of Haki that Rayleigh once utilized before him. After the idea was fleshed out towards the beginning of the Sumo Inferno and Hyogoro showed Luffy the key to directing his Haki.

Luffy, at last, had the option to get through when he and Hyogoro were nearly murdered by the touchy collars set around there necks.

The collars around the two of their necks start to signal and Luffy battles to eliminate Hyogoro’s collar. Not having any desire to let the elderly person bite the dust, Luffy at long last gets through his cutoff and takes advantage of the intensity of Ryuo and tears of their collars before both of them detonate.