One Piece Episode 983
Photo: Toei Animation

Eiichiro Oda’s worldwide famous creation One Piece anime‘s new promo for the upcoming episode has just launched the War on Oniganshima.

When the flashback of Kozuki Oden reached to a conclusion, the anime got back to the occasions of the Wano Country arc’s third act with a significant retribution. With some colossal uncovers and purges in the accompanying episodes, the most current episode of the series saw a recently and completely created Straw Hat line up all assemble in a similar spot. Amusingly, this equivalent spot really wound up being the cutting edge for Kaido’s powers at Onigashima.

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With this most up-to-date episode seeing the Straw Hats getting through the principal endeavors of the Beasts Pirates effortlessly, the anime is currently preparing for the full conflict on Onigashima with the following episode of the series.

The past cliffhanger saw Luffy and the gigantic revolutionary power advance toward Onigashima’s shores, and presently the promotion for Episode 983 of the series sees them making landfall as the War on Onigashima genuinely starts.

Look at it beneath as shared by the Twitter user @SoulstormOP:

One Piece episode 983 of the series is named The Samurai Warriors’ Earnestness! The Straw Hats Land at Onigashima! and as the title recommends, the promotion for the episode sees the samurai alongside the privateers advancing toward the actual island. The lone significant hiccup will be, as the title likewise recommends, is the samurais’ earnestness as they are not as acclimated with the slippery arrangement that Law had concocted for them in the past scene as they need covertness to really get their full insubordination going.

Just like episode 982 had illustrated, the samurai are dwarfed with not just the full powers of the Beasts Pirates, however the more grounded positions among them too, for example, with the Tobi Roppo. That, however there will likewise be Orochi’s powers and Big Mom’s Charlotte Family coming to part on Onigashima also. With these contenders presently accumulated in one spot, the anime’s currently set to start its full conflict with its next scene of the series!

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