One Piece Chapter 1009
Photo: Toei Animation

Eiichiro Oda‘s iconic creation One Piece has vowed to pull out all the stops with its most recent story arc, and Wano has not faltered in such manner once since it started. Even though the anime plans to continue its primary story, the manga is pushing alongside its last fight. With the eventual fate of Wano in question, the Worst Generation is putting forth a valiant effort to fight off two Yonko, and one assault just showed the world how solid Zoro has become.

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The entire thing went down in the latest One Piece manga chapter. As you can envision, the update started by noting a cliffhanger in regards to Kozuki Oden, yet it finished with the Worst Generation. The group is cooperating to separate Big Mom and Kaido as the two are excessively solid together. Also, when the pair collaborate for a genuinely unholy assault, it is Zoro who stops it.

Photo: Toei Animation

One Piece chapter 1009 centers around Zoro as he remains before Big Mom and Kaido after the two dispatch an at no other time seen assault. The team made a monstrous impact assault called Hakai which terrifies even Luffy. Be that as it may, Zoro remains before his companions with swords stepped to keep down the impact, and he did so sufficiently long to allow his companions to withdraw.

Fortunately, Zoro had the option to withdraw with the gathering, however he is quite harmed notwithstanding having just impeded the move for merely seconds. The gathering is dazed Zoro figured out how to hold off the impact, and the equivalent goes for the Yonko. All things considered, the Hakai impact figures out how to demolish a sizable bit of the island once it made land.

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