One Piece Episode 953
Studio: Toei Animation

One Piece with the 20+ years of history has had many story arcs but the recent one is the most fierce and can be called the best as well, considering all the action, emotional scenes that occurred during it.

The Wano Country arc has assumed control over both manga and anime during a period where amusement is the main thing. Obviously, that implies the weight is on for the show to do the manga equity, and One Piece even went the additional mile with its interpretation of a Yonko versus Yonko battle at the most recent episode of the anime.

All things considered, One Piece just released the brand new episode and it had a significant update.

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Episode 953 monitors Kaido and Big Mom after the pair are brought together at the last’s hideout on Wano. It is there Big Mom chooses she has had enough of Kaido’s mouth, so the pair talk by exchanging some blows. The scene is fascinating, check it out below:

Presently, in the manga, this battle was generally investigated. One Piece fans were indicated how the pirate on Onigashima responded to the trial, however that was about it. This week, the anime decided to go in on the battle and show fans a touch of what occurred. Big Mom is actually on another level as you can see from the clip above.

Big Mom picks the battle with Kaido, and she handles a strong punch on the him. The pair keep on exchanging crazy blows with their weapons until the entirety of the island is shrouded in light. It is a supernatural occurrence the region is even still flawless after this fight, however it lives on. Also, after this battle completes, One Piece fans better not counterfeit Big Mom for her looks in case she treats them the manner in which she does Kaido.

One Piece episode 953 was released on December 6, 2020 and you can watch the series by following this link! – Crunchyroll

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