One Piece Ending
Photo: Toei Animation

One Piece, throughout the history of more than 20 years has surpassed many milestones and a recent one was the most astounding one as the series just released its 1000th chapter.

The creator of the worldwide famous series maker tended to the arrangement’s ending with a special comment for the 1000th chapter of the manga. The latest issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine appeared the fantastic achievement for the arrangement as One Piece authoritatively crossed the 1000 chapter mark, and to praise the enormous delivery arrangement maker Eiichiro Oda wrote a passionate letter to the fans the world over commending the significant achievement also. With the arrangement intersection a particularly huge number this way, Oda is completely mindful that fans of the arrangement are thinking about how much closer we are to the end game nowadays.

The creator of the series’ Eiichiro Oda starts his message all things considered:

“Your belief in Luffy has led me to believe in all of you, and that is what allows me to continue drawing exactly the kind of manga I want to draw. So here we are, ready to dip our toes into the final stage of the story. It’s taken us a long time to reach one thousand chapters. However, it’s because I’ve completed a thousand chapters that you must believe I’ll take us to the end. The story waiting for you will defy expectations! I mean it!!”

He finished the message:

“I have a favor to ask. This is for everyone with whom – by some means or another – I’ve managed to create a bond, in other words, the One Piece fans of the world! My story is a long one, but for just a while longer, please watch over Luffy and his crew as they continue their adventure!”

One Piece Chapter 1000 was released on January 4, 2021. You can read the manga by following the link on Viz Media!

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