Photo Credit: Toei Animation

One Piece anime’s Wano Country Arc has introduced the absolute most activity pressed fights that Luffy and his team individuals from the Straw Hat Pirates, and an ongoing arrival of up and coming episode titles gives us a superior thought of the difficulties that lie ahead for the most acclaimed swashbucklers in the mechanism of anime!

With the arrival of another opening for the One Piece arc, fans have been given a lot of insights about what they can hope to see as the Wano Country Arc proceeds. Twitter User YonkoProductions shared the episode titles for the up and coming four episodes of One Piece’s Wano Country Arc, alluding to some large disclosures for the vassals of Oden.

The Wano Country Arc’s significant danger is certainly as the commander of the Beast Pirates, Kaido, who can change himself into an invulnerable winged serpent and with this ground-breaking danger.