One Piece’s Wano Arc has handily been one of the greatest throughout the entire existence of Eiichiro Oda’s madly mainstream Shonen series, setting the Straw Hat Pirates into a disconnected country that holds a Feudalistic Japan tasteful, and it appears as though the overseer of the anime, Tatsuya Nagamine, is implying that the best is on the way.

Nagamine, who had recently chipped away at One Piece Film Z and Dragon Ball Super: Broly, has raised the activity of the series with probably the best battles that the TV series has seen to date as Luffy and his team fight the Beast Pirates. Right now, One Piece has taken a break from the events of the current day in Wano Country and rather centered around the past, traveling through the experiences of the country’s most acclaimed occupant in Kozuki Oden.

The meandering samurai has so far gone with Whitebeard and Gol D Roger to study the world outside of the lines of Wano, yet he has since gotten back to free his individual compatriots from both Kaido and the horrendous Shogun Orochi. As Oden fights against Kaido’s crazy dragon form, his story will end on a disastrous note yet enthusiasts of the anime make certain to get a lot of activity stuffed battle scenes before we witness his excursion find some conclusion. Twitter User New World Artur shared this new meeting wherein the current animation director Tatsuya Nagamine guarantees anime watchers that the best is on the way in the series.

The War For Wano will see the Straw Hat Pirates and their partner’s rally to free the country unequivocally, which is at present working out in the pages of One Piece’s manga and makes certain to change the universe of the Shonen series always paying little heed to the victor.